Birding and Nature Majorca (BM21) is a company specialized in Nature and Ornithological Tourism, formed by personnel that counts with nearly 3 decades of experience in these matters. The staff of BM21 is composed by a biologist specialized in ornithology and ornithological tourism, a nature photographer of great prestige, a geographer specialist in cartography and design of routes, and a graphical designer. Their products are highly valued to local and international level.

This project was born in 2009 with the idea of promoting the Ornithological Tourism or Birding in the island of Majorca. Knowing of the lack of updated publications on this matter, BM21 published a specialized guide that rapidly turned into a reference worldwide. A Birding Tourist s Guide to Majorca managed to be even book of the month in specialized shops of Great Britain, and it goes already for the second edition.

To complete the information appeared in the book, recently BM21 has edited a map with 75 routes and points of observation distributed by the whole island geography. The host of the Mallorca Birding Map has been equally warm among birders, with very good reviews and sales.



Biologist specialized in management of natural areas, ornithology and ornithological tourism. Has published over twenty divulgative and scientific articles, the majority on ornithology and environmental management, and is a co-author of half-dozen of books on nature. From the year 2003 it works as the director of s'Albufera's Nature Reserve of Majorca, one of the natural most visited areas of the Balearic Islands.


Geographer, urban planner and traveler, specialized in land management, cartography and ornithological tourism. He has been professor of the University of the Balearic Islands teaching of tourism and cartography. Author of diverse divulgative articles, has taken part equally in nine books of environmental and geographical subject matter. Nowadays he advises several town halls in environmental and urban development topics.


Photographer specialized in nature, his work has been orientated specially towards the publishing world. Thus, his images appear in varied publishing projects, emphasizing 6 author's books published in collaboration with important island writers. It combines the photographic activity with the education of the photography across numerous courses and workshops.


Technical industrial designer, specialized in graphical, web and publishing design. From 2003 works as a designer and technician at diverse areas of the sector.
In 2012 it begins to manage her own business of design in Dissenys Oriola. Coordinates and develops graphic projects. Also co-author of several books.