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2nd edition in English and German // Rebassa, Manchado, Torrens, Oriola //
p.v.p. 25 €

The guide “Birds of Mallorca, where and when to observe them” is intended for both amateurs and experts in the Balearic ornithology. In its pages the reader will find:

· Rigorous and updated information on each bird species recorded to date.
· 150 fact sheets with quality photos, detailed presence maps, phenology diagrams, plumage description and abundance of each species.
· 75 complementary fact sheets, with maps and presence diagrams for the island.
· A complete and updated check list of the 385 species recorded in the Balearic Islands (372 of them in Mallorca) in the wild, plus another 9 of unknown origin. In short, an attractive and informative book, which is also a specialized reference guide and a small distribution atlas of the birds of Mallorca, Cabrera and Dragonera.

Authors: Maties Rebassa, Josep Manchado, Sebastià Torrens and Mª Carmen Oriola

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