> Exposition "The birds of Alcúdia"


This exhibition was commissioned by the city council of Alcudia to Birding Majorca, with the intention of making it traveling by different schools and high-schools of the town. The exhibit describes 25 species typical of the different ecosystems that can be found in the area, from the majestic osprey to the discreet warblers. Of each species a high-quality image is shown, a brief description is made and some of its vital habit are detailed. Information on when and where to find each species it’s also given, for all those who want to find them. 25 specific panels (30 x 45 inches) are accompanied by an introductory panel of slightly greater extent (40 x 60 cm), all printed and mounted on Kappa fix support.

Autors: Maties Rebassa, Josep Manchado, Sebastià Torrens i Mª Carmen Oriola

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