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Aware that the ornithological tourist requires written resources (publications) to be able to operate with guaranteed success, from the beginning we had very clear that our first project on bird tourism should be precisely the issue of written material, with current information and rigorous on the areas to be visited, the species to see in each of them, the best times of year to go, and recommendations that would make it useful and helpful each visit.

With this in mind we published the "Guide to Birdwatching in Mallorca", that was a huge success and is now in its second edition. A few years later we edit the "Birding Mallorca Map", supplementing the information from the previous guide, increasing the number of locations described from 17 to 75.

At present, a large part of the visitors who come to Mallorca to observe and photograph birds have or know these 2 publications, which have become the main reference for "birdwatching" on our island.

Authors: Maties Rebassa, Josep Manchado, Sebastià Torrens and Mª Carmen Oriola

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